The Bastard Queen

The Bastard Queen Poster

The Bastard Queen is a pitch-black comedy made its debut as a Naughty Corner Production at the Edinburgh Fringe in 2014. In a post-apocalyptic world, this dark and comical story follows the survival of the last five people on the planet.

Everything is gone. Everyone. Four lone survivors, banded together by uncertain events struggle through life – or what is left of it. Then on a day as bleak as any other, a stranger arrives from the nothingness and disturbs the fragile balance of the group. Each member is forced to face themselves, each other, and overwhelming events that ensue. Albeit with the aid of umbrellas and shoes.

‘The end’ is catching up with them, and with only their imaginations, endless rubbish and a grail-like find to entertain them, they decide to look at the brighter side of things, after all, it’s only the end of the world.

The first date for The Bastard Queen’s return was December 10th at The Art Centre, based on Edge Hill University campus, where it received very strong feedback and praise.

Whilst at The Edinburgh Fringe, the play won the National Student Drama Festival – Edinburgh Award and as a result, is being transferred to The Pleasance, Islington in January 2015. Click here to book your tickets.

The Bastard Queen will also be performed at The Lantern Theatre in April 2015, so get tickets while they’re hot.


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